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George J. Ladas - President
1424 6th Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109

Company Policy

In carrying out the day-to-day business Seattle Film Group LLC strives to:

Maintain a close, informative relationship with our active accredited investors. It is the investors that allow the development company to begin its journey and they will never be out of the information loop.

Constantly innovate and intelligently build the organization first, then focus on film development. A solid foundation is essential for longevity in the motion picture industry.

Be original in the creation of each of the films and thorough in the development process to provide audience-pleasing entertainment. Treat employees, cast, and crew well since they are the company. If the employees, cast, and crew are happy they in turn will take good care of the company.

Pursue the philosophy that film audiences are intelligent and deserving of the finest quality entertainment for their time and money.

By having professional writers as the core of the development company Seattle Film Development One LLC can create higher quality stories and the distributors and audiences will see it as offering superior entertainment through superior films.

Be considered a welcome addition to the entertainment industry and the local community.