Digital Cinema

"For filmmakers, exhibitors and moviegoers alike, digital cinema promises, over time, the single most significant enhancement of the movie experience since "The Jazz Singer" introduced sound in 1927.” (Source: Ron Sabin New York Times 11/26/2000)

Digital Cinema is the next major wave of motion picture technology for both production and distribution and Seattle Film Group LLC will utilize it to the fullest. Digital Cinema will reduce production costs over traditional 35mm filming and decrease the shooting time in the making of these movies.

Entertainment industry leaders agree that the major trend in the future is towards Digital Cinema: digital production with digital special effects, digital post-production, and digital distribution. Thanks to the leading efforts of George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, and other progressive minded individuals, major corporations, such as Sony, Panavision, Panasonic, and Texas Instruments, have created digital cameras, lenses, projectors and other equipment for the film industry. The major movie studios in Hollywood are implementing policies of gradually changing over to digital production of their films and television shows as well as digital distribution of motion pictures to theaters for their movies.

Microsoft is one of the major companies at the forefront of the technological advancement in digital film projection and distribution through its Redmond, WA based Windows Media division. Microsoft projects considerable savings from digital projection and distribution of motion pictures globally to thousands of theaters at a fraction of traditional costs.

“Were bringing the cinematic experience closer to what was actually shot during filming, helping to protect the intellectual property of the industry, and giving theatres a competitive marketing advantage to attract larger audiences. We’re seeing people lining up for digital cinema while screens with film at those locations have seats available.” (F.Stirling, Boeing)

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