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The eight major Hollywood studios can no longer develop in-house enough cost effective quality movies to feed their "distribution pipeline" for theaters, cable, and video/DVD. Seattle Film Group's business is to supply first-rate films to the major studios and engage in co-ventures with the largest independent production companies.

The development company works closely with the marketing departments of the nine major U.S. studios and the marketing departments of the top seven foreign territory distributors in developing these movies. This creates a business collaboration that assures each pictures maturing in the global markets over several months preceding its production, and just as important almost guarantees each film the major distribution that is so essential for profitability.


1. Who are we?

Seattle Film Group LLC is a dedicated group of individual filmmakers and screenwriters in Los Angeles and Seattle with many years of extensive experience in a variety of positions in the motion picture industry. We have come together in a group alliance to create high quality motion pictures that fill a needed niche for the major motion picture studios in Los Angeles.

2. What is this niche?

Our niche is producing audience driven $20,000,000 to $40,000,000 feature films funded by Los Angeles entertainment banks using A-list directors and A-list stars. The eight major Hollywood motion picture studios can no longer produce enough moderate budget high quality motion pictures to fill out their distribution pipeline. The studios are geared toward creating tent pole big budget motion pictures primarily for release during May-June and November-December. We will help fill out the major studios distribution pipeline for the other months of the year.

3. What are you doing?

We are currently forming a film development company through the raising of $9,000,000 from private active accredited investors. This development company, called Seattle Film Development One LLC, will develop several projects of which the best three will be made into feature films budgeted between $20,000,000 to $40,000,000 dollars and distributed through the nine major motion picture studios.

4. What kind of films are you making for this development company?

Initially, we are producing three motion pictures. We will concentrate on developing three films from the drama, comedy, science-fiction, fantasy, and musical genres.

5. When will these film be released?

Once funding is complete for the development company, within two years from the time each picture is fully developed and funded the motion pictures will be released in theaters across North America and throughout the rest of the world. Afterwards, the films will be distributed in the ancillary markets such as video-on-demand, DVD/video, cable, satellite etc.,.

6. What will you do when the films are completed?

By the end of the second year, Seattle Film Development Two LLC will be created. The original active accredited investors in the first development company will have the first option to invest in this new development company, if they desire. If they do not invest, other active accredited investors will be found for this second development company which will create five feature films in the $20,000,000 to $40,000,000 budget range. These will also be in the drama, comedy, science-fiction, fantasy, and musical genres using A-list directors and actors/actresses. These motion pictures will be released within two years of forming Seattle Film Development Two LLC.


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